York Hospital 2020-2021 Show Catalogue

Above is a photo of the 15 artworks hanging at my show at the York Hospital Cafe through January 2021. All the artworks are li

Living Creatures in the Paint: The Paintings Are Alive

This series of artworks incorporates living creatures in the paint of watercolor paintings. I do not know of anyone else who h

Bill Paarlberg: Drawings and Paintings at York Public Library, September and October 2019

This article is about a show of my artwork, on display at the York Public Library (York, Maine) during September and October o

DeWitt Hardy Taught the Making of Magic

This article first appeared in The Art Guide 2019, published by Phineas Graphics, Portsmouth, NH. See much more of DeWitt Hard

The Nature of the Plein Air Artist

The Nature of the Plein Air Artist This article will appear in The Art Guide 2018 (Phineas Press, 2018). By Bill Paarlberg—I

Memorial Bridge from Prescott Park

I did this watercolor last fall (2011) before they took Memorial Bridge came down. The view is from next to the fountain in Pr

Cedar Island from Haley House, Smuttynose, Isles of Shoals

This is a watercolor view of Cedar Island from the back door of the Haley House on Smuttynose.

Cedar Island from Smuttynose, Isles of Shoals

I am just fascinated by tiny Cedar Island, one of the Isles of Shoals. It’s connected by causeways to Star and Smuttynose. H

Rock Street Community Garden, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Here is a watercolor of the tucked-away Rock Street Community Garden in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Cool, green and growing