Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s the image from a card I sent out for Valentine’s Day 2007. Yeah, I know it’s not Valentine’s Day today; I just ran across this in my files and decided to put it up here. And the repair-guy-on-the-steeple subject goes with the previous post.

As of right now, the North Church steeple is bright and white and clean-looking. But a couple years ago it was in serious need of repair and paint. The rust and stains and peeling paint gave the thing some interesting character. But cleanliness is next to godliness. Is the purpose of the steeple to point the way to heaven? Or maybe it’s a kind of lightning rod for spiritual energy, drawing down holiness into the church. Other, non-Christian religions have steeples too, right? Mosques have minarets. So maybe steeples/minarets are a human thing, rather than a Christian thing.

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