The Importance of Being Earnest at Your Own Art Opening

The opening of my Illustrating Portsmouth exhibit last Friday was crowded with old friends and family. Almost 600 people came by. (See this post for more information and some photos.) I was delighted to see everyone, and just a bit frazzled by the excitement.

Afterwards, Nancy Grace Horton (my significant other and a photographer of amazing talents) informed me that I seemed especially distracted while talking to one particular young man. His name was Ben, I think, and he came up to me all enthusiastic and excited. I’m afraid I just did not give him my undivided attention like I should have.

In Nancy’s photo of us (above) I appear rather too intense. (That’s Dan Blakeslee on the guitar in the background.) Does anyone know Ben? I’d like to get in touch with him.

So, Ben, if you should read this, I want to thank you for your earnestness and apologize for my own lack of it. I wish you all the best. Please get in touch and, if you like, I’ll meet you back at the show for a tour.

One thought on “The Importance of Being Earnest at Your Own Art Opening

  1. Congrats on getting on the TV! It was a great piece on you and yours and they did justice to your creative yet mischievous mystique.

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